Website. Webpage. Google Page. World Wide Web Page. The Internets. Whatever you like to call ‘em, I make ‘em and I do a good job. I don’t like to look at junk, so I don’t make junk. The stuff I make is pretty and standards compliant. I make sure they work in lots of browsers. I spend lots of time on Twitter reading what fellow developers call the latest trends. I read those trends, adapt them to my style and implement.
See that moving thing? I made it. See the cool backgrounds, textures and drop-shadows? I made them too. I’ve made all this by pressing buttons and moving my mouse.

Send me an email if you’d like me to make something for you too. I do stuff like that, but not for free. You’d have to pay me. But it’d be good. So good in fact, that your friends won’t laugh at you when you show them your new website. That’s a bonus right there. Popularity. You pay for a website and get friends that will cling to your every word. Nice.